On-Line Terms and Conditions

All prices shown are each or per single item (unless otherwise stated by the word 'pair' in the description), there are many pictures on our site that show two or even three images of a given product, these are for identification purposes only.

BESPOKE products are non returnable, please double check before ordering, we do not want you left with a part if it is not right for you.
Please note,
Bespoke* parts are procured by us at your request and order in specifically for you and are therefore not returnable
Bespoke parts delivery will be extended (as we need to get the part in for you) details are on the webpage related to each bespoke product.
We have little control over bespoke parts so delivery may from time to time overrun slightly (or has been the case during 2021/22 significantly) if this part is time critical we would rather you did not order it as we can only offer guideline at the moment to delivery times. If you cannot allow us and the manufacturer a little wiggle room please do not order. Any order is accepted on this understanding.
Bespoke parts cannot be cancelled once an order has been placed (as in most cases we pay our supplies for bespoke parts upfront), if however a delivery has become significantly protracted over and above the expected lead time and you wish to cancel please email shop@lunns.net with your request and we will look at this for you (if the part has been ship to us, assembled, manufactured or production run set up, cancellation we not be possible).
Bespoke parts are not available on next day delivery (as not stocked and simply not possible on that basis).
* Bespoke parts are not stocked, as sales of any the bespoke are so low that the cost of the part makes it unviable for us to carry this part in stock.
* Bespoke parts are in effect tailor-made, tailor-assmbled or tailor-order AT YOUR REQUEST for your order (as are either manufactured at YOUR request for your order, assembled at YOUR request for your order or procured and shipped into us at S.A.Lunn Ltd at YOUR request for your order).
Any part that states 'N.B. This part is not carried in stock' is by definition a bespoke part and is covered by the rule above.

All dimensions are rounded to the nearest half millimeter.

It is the except norm in the UK that Hot is on the left and Cold on the right, all taps by UK manufacturers or importers which have passed the WRAS or siminlar UK approval will have the same handing and therefore all hot and cold parts on our website are to the same handing.
If you Hot and Cold are reversed you must make allowances for this when ordering.

Please ensure when you order any part that YOU are happy that it is the correct part, any advise or identification by us or a third party should only be taken as a guide and YOU must therefore ensure you double check that the part you are ordering is correct for your tap/cistern etc.

Check the condition of your package before signing to ensure the package is sound, we have had several cases of a jiffy bag or box being signed for with no contents or lost parts where the packaging has been damaged. The carriers will not accept a claim for this.
Do not sign for a damaged package (unless you are happy the goods are in tact and not missing any parts, we are unable to claim for damaged packages and therefore cannot ourselves accept any such claim.
The carriers would not accept a claim for this box as they say they would not attempt to deliver a package in this state (and would declare it as damaged rather than deliver it) and no one in their right mind would sign for a package in this state.
Unfortunately this does seem to be a reasonable stance.

Due to a volume of proof of delivery (POD) requests received we now charge for copies of signatures for POD which we have to obtain after having gone through a GPDR procedure.
There are two charges for the two stages of POD.
Stage one for a signature (on orders over £50.00)
Stage two where the signature is denied and GPS tracking is pulled up for further POD (which the carriers will declare as sufficient evidence of POD).
Stage One POD is £10.00 (Fully refundable if delivery has not been made and or delivery has not been attempted).
Stage Two POD is £20.00 (Fully refundable if delivery has not been made and or delivery has not been attempted).
Payment details will be sent upon request of stage one and or stage two.
POD must be requested within 4 months of the order date.

We recommend all parts are fitted by a qualified plumber, further more any guarantee assumes installation by a plumber (if parts are not fitted by a qualified plumber no guarantee is in place).

On rare occasions (due to stock issues etc.) we may send substitute products, any substitute item will be a direct replacement for the part ordered and or will be similar in design.
Also on rare occasions bespoke items/parts may have cosmetic changes which have no control over (as these are generally rare parts for us).

Carriage within the United Kingdom (See Additional Carriage Information for international deliveries).
Most goods are sent by MyHermes or Parcelforce *.
Next day deliveries are by Royal Mail Special Delivery or Parcelforce **.
Any re-direction or re-sent charges will be passed on to the customer
Carriage is charged on all products.
When ordering via our shopping cart please ensure you have selected the correct postage.
Selecting the incorrect postage will delay your order process.
Please check your parts upon delivery, if there is any damage we need to be notified immediately.

EXPORT; Deliveries to countries outside the UK may be subject to a further import charge at your end, this is something we have no control over and also differs from country to country and product to product. You will need to check the import regulation within you country for full details.
Please check thoroughly before ordering as we are unable to pay any additional duty or deal with the matter for you. 

Carriage for Sanitary Ware and Seats Orders
Sanitary Ware & Seats are despatch via a 'Fragile Carrier Service'
Please check sanitary ware and seats before signing the delivery docket (the driver will allow you to check the goods).
Signing the delivery docket is acknowledging that the sanitary ware or seat are in good condition and acceptable.
If there is any damage reject the goods and do not sign for the delivery.
No claims can be made after the delivery note/docket has been signed.
The driver will allow you to check your goods before you sign the delivery note, accepting the sanitary ware or seat is in good condition and acceptable.

Many pictures on our website show two of any given item, this is to show two different angles and is not meant to imply that the price is for two parts.

Any damages must be reported within 2 days of delivery to yourself.
In short please examine upon delivery.

Re Returns Policy (for non faulty goods) - See separate link (above) for further info.

Spec Up charge is not refundable, see details on relevant webpage for full explanation.

Faulty Goods
Please call us on 01252 548711 before removing faulty parts.
If you do have a part you believe to be faulty please do not take it apart as this will invalidate the guarantee.
Tap and shower cartridges,valves and or cassettes are only guaranteed for one month. WHY; If you have a faulty cartridge, valve or cassette the faulty will be evident immediately upon installation, thereafter all sorts of outside forces come into play that cannot be legistaled for which are FAR more likley than the Ceramic Discs breaking, Rubber washer persihing, Brass or Plastic Housing breaking or cracking.
Further explanation of faulty below.

Ceramic Disc Cartridge/Cassette
As Ceramic Disc Cartridges and Cassettes are consumables and as sure only have a one month guarantee as any faulty of the cartridge will be apparent immediately upon installation i.e. the part will not turn on or off or start or stop the flow of water (as Ceramic Discs and or Rubber washer inside the cartridge housing cannot deteriorate and do not deteriorate for many years and if a Cartridges or Cassettes fails if will be due to outside factors).

Whilst any immediate issue (such as the water still running/dripping) may suggest a faulty part it should be pointed out that there are other issues that could cause such a fault.
The following issues are far more common than the product being faulty.
Running Water is most often caused by the seating washer (at the base of the tap cartridge) from the original part having been left behind in the tap body wilst removing the old cartridge/valve, this washer should ideally come out when removing the original cartridge however this is not always the case, there are also other parts of a tap cartridge that could be left in your tap (there is a danger that any new cartridge could be damaged by a part left behind (when removing the old cartridge so always look inside the tap for any loose parts before inserting the new part) including the aforementioned washer.
The brass tap body itself could have a hair line crack or rill (you will need to look that one up), if this is the case, no replacment part fill fix the issue.
All that said, faults do from time to time occur so mark your part with marker pen and return it so we can have a look at it and test it, if found to be faulty we will replace without question.

Dripping can be caused by the aforementioned but more likely is the presence of some foreign matter between the metal seating in the base of the tap and the seating washer at the base of your new cartridge.
It is recommended that a shot of compressed air is blasted across the metal seating and the seating washer visually checked for foreign matter prior to installation.
After installation any problems will almost certainly have been caused by your water supply having (carried some very small foreign matter which has) scoured the discs, or the discs having moved position (usually caused by over tightening during installation (fairly unlikely) and or over rotation of the tap when turning it on or off (quite likely)).
Water supply problems:
If the discs are scoured which is caused by grit particles or some other foreign matter in the water supply the cartridge will need replacing.
We nor the manufactures can be held libel for the quality of your water supply.
Disc movement problems: If the discs have moved it may be possible to resolve the issue (although to be fair it will probably only be temporary) by removing the discs and simply reinserting them, the discs when inserted will drop into their default position which is a groove in a metal housing however as they are rotated they may move again if the groove has become damaged, causing the same problem, however treating the tap gently by simply rotating the handle until the water flow stops rather than rotating the handle until it stops turning will reduce the disc movement.
Re Faulty Washer Valves
After initial installation any faulty would become immediately obvious.
Fitting a new washer valve will not cure your leak if the seating of your tap is damaged.
Thereafter any problems such as washers splitting/valve jamming will be due to overtightening of the valve.

Control Handles (aka On/Off Handles).
These do not come with a guarantee unless new cartridges are purchased at the same time.
(This is because there is no way of knowing how stiff your old valve or cartridge may be i.e. the old valve or cartridge will be stiffer than the original design spec. and there is of course no way to know how stiff your valve or cartridge has become, excessive stress on the new handle (due the stiffness) will undoubtedly have an effect on the life of the handle to a greater or lesser extent.
In addition this is possibly the reason why your handle became defective in the first place.
For this reason the handles whilst fit for purpose do not come with any warranty (as we cannot legislate for the condition of your valve) unless you by new valve at the same time and on the same order.

Flush Valves (FV), Flush Buttons and Flush Valve washers.
All the flush valve we sell have a 12 month guarantee if fitted (by a plumber) and used correctly.
Buttons and flush plates. If these are faulty it will become apparent immediately thereafter any (or rather most faults)are a wear and tear issue and therefore not covered by any warranty.
Flush valve washers do not have an 'in use guarantee' (but are covered against defects which are/would be evident at time of installation) as they are subject to fair wear and tear clause by all manufactures however we find this a rather hard pill to swallow so will look at any case on an individual basis and try and offer a suitable compromise where we can (we usually cannot offer said suitable compromise on bespoke product simply because these are not stocked and we have no wiggle room as regard negation with the manufacture).
We find a lot of issue are created where the wrong button has been used with the wrong flush valve or the button has been fitted incorrectly which can cause premature failure or continuous running or the flush valve not flushing.

Tap Finishes;
We recommend regular cleaning of tap parts (and all bathroom and kitchen fittings) with warm water and an unimplemented soft (non abrasive) cloth.
E Cloths or another microfibre cloth is ideal as it is gentle but effective for cleaning without scratching and needs only to be dampened with water to clean the product.
In short, clean only with water for all your tap & shower components (regardless of finish ((to include Mocca, Beige White, Chrome and Gold))
Washing up liquids, toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel etc. can cause blemishes and damage to some tap finishes. Always completely rinse these off the fittings with clean water immediately after use.
Avoid getting household cleaning products on to your fittings, when using said cleaning products surrounding surfaces. Any splashes should be immediately rinsed with clean water and dried.
Only use lemon juice to remove lime scale. There are many cleaners on the market for removing heavy deposits of lime scale, before using such product you must accept this will effect the finish to a greater or lesser extent.

Bath Screen Seals (Note added 26.1.2016)
Only seals that say suitable for curved bath screens are suitable for curved bath screens.

Additional Carriage Information.
* Our standard delivery service is a 7-10 (working) day delivery service via Royal Mail Recorded Delivery.
** On very rare occasions Royal Mail let us down and their Special Delivery does not live up to its promise of next working day delivery by 1pm (this is rare).
In such rare cases we are only in a position to apologise on behalf of ourselves and our carriers (Royal Mail/Parcelforce) but are not able to refund the additional over night carriage.
* & ** Goods are only despatched on working days - ** Next day deliveries to UK Off Shore*** address will suffer from an additional one day delay (due to the logistics of deliveries to your area).
Any delivery times refer to working days or working hours.
*** Any where with a post code outside the mainland shore of England, Scotland or Wales (to include all Isles and Islands of and or off the UK with a Post Code).
International deliveries under £100.00 are assumed to be for domestic purposes only and sent via Royal Mail or Parcelforce orders to non domestic customers# or over £100.00 will be subject to overseas trading protocols and will be sent via TNT where carriage and custom charges range in the £300.00 mark for small boxes under 1kg, therefore each transaction is dealt with on a one to one basis, please email sales@lunns.net with your request.
# As determined by business name or address.

On rare occasions an alternative may be supplied which will be a best fit replacement.
This will usually be due to a manufactures change in spec. etc. or due to our own stock issues.
Any replacement will be a suitable replacement with the same amount of splines if a tap spare or the same diameter thread if a flush valve etc.

Faults/Incorrect Delivery
On rare occasions the wrong goods are despatched by ourselves (perfection is not given to man nor us at Lunns by we strive for perfection).
We will try to deal with any issue in a timely manner.
In the first instance please contact us to ensure you have not been sent out a replacement or new model that
my appear different but yet design to be a direct and or suitable replacement..
Thereafter please first send an email to returns@lunns.net to register the issue.
We will then give you a returns address to enable the return to go straight to our returns desk, as soon as I receive your delivery I will send out the replacement (if applicable).
Alternatively, if speed is of the essence we will ask you to order a replacement on line and at the same time ask you to send an email to returns@lunns.net to register the issue, we will then send you a returns address so the parts can be returned to the correct department and credit issued to your card.
We apologies in advance for any error that may occur and for any inconvenience that it will inevitably cause.
We will refund you return postage but unfortunately are not able to fund any other costs.
Replacement parts are chargeable, once the faulty part has been receive and inspected/tested (and if cound to be faulty) full credit will be passed. 

Privacy policy.
Personal details (names address and telephone numbers are only stored for reference purposes)
No personal details are shared or passed onto 3rd parties.
No credit card details are stored.

CWO - Clockwise Open
CWC - Clockwise Close

Terms and conditions are updated from time to time to reflect changes in policy or legislation.
We are unable to e-mail customers any updates so please check back on this page when visiting our website.
All details on this website are for Information only.
Trade Sales Clarification.
Our products are only suitable for purchase and installation by a qualified trade customers.
Consumers can of course contact us and select products they wish to have installed but are expected to pass this information on to a qualified trade customers.
There is therefore an assumption all parts or complete items are purchased by a trade business.
The net effect of the above statement is that all sales are covered by business to business trading law and that the Consumer Sales of Goods Act is not applicable (as said act does not trade sales).
Any parts or complete items on this web site can be purchased by consumers aka end users by arrangement (at additional an cost of 25%).
Please contact us on 0871 911 11 58 for help with this matter.
Consumer On Line Returns Policy (UK Customers Only)
In the unlikely event any stocked product (Bespoke parts are not stock products) is not as you expected it to be we offer a 14 day money back/cooling off/cancellation period, any item not required must then be returned with 14 days from that date.
Goods collect from our shop are not returnable.
The above information does not relate to specials or bespoke parts.
Bespoke items are ordered in by us at your request and are therefore not returnable or refundable  (Bespoke parts say the word Bespoke in the description).
Used part are not refundable.
Many items are sent to you in a shrink wrapped clear wallet, please do not remove from the warping until you are happy the part is correct for, the part is considered used if and when the wrapping if removed.

In the first instance please send an email to returns@lunns.net
This email is VERY important (DO NOT IGNORE THIS SIMPLE START TO THE RETURNS PROCEDURE) as it will start the returns procedure without the email no returns are accepted.
This email will be replied to (which is automated) with our returns department address to which any returns should be sent.

Please contact us if you do not receive a reply (after you have checked your junk box).
All returns are subject to the following conditions;
Goods must be returned unused, in the original packaging.
We do not refund any product that has been fitted or has tooling marks as we will be unable to resell said item.
Consumers are under a legal obligation to 'take reasonable care' of any product they intend to return for credit.
Failure to inform us in writing within 14 days will forfeit your right to return goods and or receive a credit.

N.B. Any special/bespoke or made to order item are not returnable.
Also N.B. Any usable parts such as tools, handles, radiator caps etc. are also not returnable.

Please note, for 3D illustration/visualization purposes there are often two or more images of a given item/product, this is for the identification purposes only and unless stated all prices are per single item.

Carriage costs are not credited.
Additional carriage costs incurred are also not credited (Sorry this line is a legal requirement)
For any faulty parts please call 0871 9111 158 in the first instance so we can talk through the best way to help you out.

Business to Business Exclusions and Returns Policy (UK & International)
Business to Business (including any sort of business or trader to include sole trader, Limited company, PLC or Charity)
Business to Business (as described above) sales are not covered by the terms and returns policy or rights laid out for consumers.
Business to Business return policy.
It should be assumed that Business sales as defined above are non-returnable.
Further to the above, some products that we consider main line products (and in certain quantites) may be considered for return but each request will be considered on a case by case basis.
Send any email for returns consideration to sales@lunns.net within 7 days of purchase
Handling charges will apply to all returns (Harsh but we have to cover the cost of processing the initial order ((which involves various stages of admin)) and then when you have returned the part, inspection/testing and returning to stock ((which also involves various stages of admin)).
Handling charges vary but will be 15% minimum but more typically 25% to 50%.
Original carriage/postal cost are not refundable
Return carriage is also non-refundable.
Parts that have tooling marks and show evidence of fitting may not be credited.

Coronavirus Update Replaced 10.10.2020
Our delivery times (as quoted on our website) assume our carriers are able to perform there duties and that their own workload does not drag them down which may of course cause a few delays.
This may mean a 24 hour delivery is delayed by Royal Mail (we will still despatch the same day) and a 7-8 day delivery may be delayed by Myhermes (we will still despatch within 3-4 days).
If such a delay should happen we will not be in a position to credit the carriage charge I'm afraid, sorry.
As you will appreciate this is beyond everyone's control and we would ask for your patience and understanding during this time.
We clearly hope all deliveries will be made in a timely fashion and also accept that there will inevitable be some delays.
If the above is not acceptable to you please DO NOT ORDER.
We are unable to accept any collections back for credit during this Covid19 period (March to July)

International Consumers are dealt with as per the above Business to Business Returns Policy.


------------------------------------- Below removed from top of page 17.11.2021.
Coronavirus Update 10.10.2020
Our delivery times (as quoted on our website) assume our carriers are able to perform there duties and that their own workload does not drag them down which may of course cause a few delays.
Bespoke items may also be delayed into us due to the many issues that existed at the moment at the docks ect.
This may mean a 24 hour delivery is delayed by Royal Mail (we will still despatch the same day) and our normal delivery of 7-8 day delivery may be delayed by Myhermes (we will still despatch within 3-4 days).
If such a delay should happen we will not be in a position to credit the carriage charge I'm afraid, sorry.
As you will appreciate this is beyond everyone's control and we would ask for your patience and understanding during this time.
We clearly hope all deliveries will be made in a timely fashion and also accept that there will inevitable be some delays.
If the above is not acceptable to you please DO NOT ORDER.

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