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Recommended Plumbers List
Des Brookes, Redworth, Grenadier Road Ash Vale 01252 328685/07850-344022
Ami-Tec, Church Crookham  07828-061818, amitec@hotmail.co.uk (GDPR obtained)
I&C Boiler & Plumbing Services, 1 Derwent Close, Farnham 07836-784935 (GDPR obtained)
Brown Building Co Ltd, Farnham 07973 885274 (Building Only)
S Cooper 5 South Grove, Fleet 01252  811877 (GDPR obtained)
Viking Plumbing & Heating 12 Blunt Rd, Basingstoke, 07831-321949 (GDPR obtained)
The plumbers above are all very well known to us at Lunns and have all worked for us one way or another (i.e. directly for Lunns or for members of our staff).
In addition they have been valued and loyal customers for many years.
We have had many customers re-visit us over the years and all have reinforced our recommendations for the above plumbers, they are all small business with 1-4 employees (which allows them to keep on top of things and we feel offer a more personalised service which is how we operate and which is why we all get on so well I guess).
Clearly we cannot accept any responsibility in connection with their work but the writer would be more than happy to have them work in his house as would any memeber of staff at Lunns.

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