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Nova-Flo is a magnetically operated (non electrical) device which senses the water level in a bath and shuts off the taps automa
Each year a vast number of properties suffer flooding from taps left on either because they have been forgotten or misjudged. Some overseas hotel guests may be used to a 'wet room' style bathroom with a drain in the centre and be accustomed to allowing baths to overflow.

Landlords may wish to protect their properties from forgetful tenants,or even disgruntled tenants who may leave taps running with the intention to flood.

Many people are affected by various causes of dementia which can lead them to become forgetful, whereby Nova-Flo will eliminate the recognised problem of bath floods and in some cases enable people to maintain their independence and stay in their own home for longer.

Nova-Flo is designed to be easy to fit and can be installed behind virtually any bath. Its slim and compact design together with Speedfit plumbing connections means that any competent plumber can usually fit a Nova-Flo unit in under an hour.

Our Price: £104.33

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