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Updated January 5th 2021
We are open for essential supplies only, call before setting off..

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In line with government guideline please where a face covering.
Please note we will not serve you unless you have a face covering (from the 24.7.2020).
If you object to this policy which is in all our interested please do not visit us.

Risk identified

Risk level


Response in place


Transfer of virus between staff.

Health and safety issue.

Business continuity issue.


  • Staff working in isolated teams
  • Staff discouraged from taking holiday as furlough arrangements used in rotation.
  • Half days cancelled and reduced hours worked.
  • Cross-team staff to isolate in separate area at all times.
  • Regular cleaning of communal staff areas eg bathroom and kitchen and utensils. Recording of cleaning to ensure diligence.

AL to follow government guidance.

Consideration of impact of a localised lockdown.

Transfer of virus in public areas.

Statutory obligations must be met.


  • Staff issued with and required to use face masks when less than 2m apart from others.
  • Staff issued with and required to use disposable gloves when handling customers’ components.
  • Clear delineation of customer distancing using signage; one-way system of entry/exit; additional counter space; some partitioning.
  • Push button entry/exit on doors when closed.
  • Staff required to maintain distance from customers whenever possible.
  • Regular cleaning of counters and payment machines.
  • Card payment encouraged.
  • Staff wash hands after handling cash payments.
  • Hand sanitiser provided for customers and staff.

Consider distancing reduction to 1metre when guidance allows.

AL to follow government guidance.

Multiple customers may cause queuing on street and in car park.

Potential risk to passers-by.



  • Online shopping encouraged.
  • Click and collect service initiated.
  • A new door into premises opened in each area of premises.
  • Delivery drivers encouraged to leave parcels at gate or in identified area for collection.

AL to follow government guidance.

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